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as seen through my eyes;

i remember back when we were only 3 weeks into dating, we refused to say i love you and it took2 months later to finally express how we feel. we have been threw hell in the passed but it’s over and done with. now todsay is our 7 month anniversey and i still feel the same way i did back then that i do now except  feel so much more in love with you. we never fight, not once! we only have small disagreements but then after 10 minutes or less were back in eachothers arms just like before telling eachother ‘i love you.’ you’re still the same amazing guy i met and i’m happy were still pulling threw in our relationship, i love you baby. happy 7 months. <3



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Hello there! :) My name is Taylor, i'm 18 years young and probably as far from normal as you can get but i promise you i can make you laugh, anyway who wants to be normal, right?

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